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Do I have to have a web site to use Cart?
No, Cart is not only shopping cart, but is an entire web site builder.
Do I need any programming knowledge?

No, you can set up a complete store without any HTML knowledge. You can completely design a professional looking web site directly from our administrative panel. We give You the ability to control every aspect of your cart’s design including layout, colors, design, buttons, headers and much more. If you still need help, you may want to use once of our Design

Is it difficult to use Cart?

No, not at all. In fact some clients start selling within hours of getting the cart. As a business owner, you don’t have the time to learn a new software product, so we have designed an administrative area that is very easy to use and understand.

I want to accept credit cards through my store, do I need a merchant account?

No, Cart allows you to use PayPal as a payment method. PayPal doesn’t have monthly fees and takes a very small percentage of the sale for a transaction fee. Using PayPal does have one disadvantage; the customer will be directed off your store to make the payment on PayPal. If you’re looking for a low-cost alternative to PayPal, you should look into PayPal Payments Pro, which keeps the customer on your site through the

entire payment process.

Do you charge fees per transaction?
No, there are no transaction fees or any other hidden fees when you use Cart.
Does the cart support different languages and currencies?

Yes, we support any number of different currencies and languages. This is all managed through the “Localization” setting in the administrative area of your cart. We are currently integrated with several international gateways including WorldPay, HSBC-CPI, DataCash, ProTx and more.

I would like to have someone professionally design my site, who do you recommend?
We have a Design team
Are there any additional features I can purchase for the cart?

We have a number of compatible applications that work with Cart like Paypal, Authorize.net, Doba, Mailchimp, Bongo & more. For more information about these apps, go to our Compatible Integrations page.

question Can I customize the code?

Cart is built using PHP / MySQL, which is considered to be the programming language of the internet. Almost any developer with PHP experience can make customizations to your cart.

question Is there a limit to the number of categories or products?
ans No, our cart has no category or product limitations. Add as many as you would like.
question Does the shopping cart support inventory tracking?

Yes, it will even notify you when inventory is getting low. Additionally you can create custom messages to display when items are out of stock.

question I need an affiliate program, who do you recommend?

Cart has a seamless integration with iDevAffiliate, but any affiliate program will work with the cart. The cart can even pass over in-depth information to the affiliate program to help with reporting and advanced commission management.

question Is the shopping cart search engine friendly?

Yes, in fact it’s one of the most search engine friendly software applications available today. We have worked diligently with some of the leading SEO firms in the country to insure our application is the most hardened SEO app on the market. Cart was recently ranked #1 by SEOShoppingCarts, a independent firm that reviews all major eCommerce systems and evaluates their offerings in relation to SEO.

question Is there a quick-buy feature or do customer need to register?

With our cart, you have complete control over how the customer purchases your products. You can select One-Page Checkout or traditional, require them to register or checkout without registration, you also have the ability to add / remove additional fields in the checkout process.

question Can I set up my own shipping method based on weight / price / number or items ordered?

Yes, using a custom payment method you can create shipping rates based on weight, price, base plus weight, quantity and more.

question What kind of payment gateways are supported?
ans almost all the payment gateways supported
question Can the cart support non credit-cart and offline payment methods?
ans Yes, the cart supports phone, fax, mail, secure credit card storage and more.
question How does the cart determine sales tax?

The cart has two different methods for setting up sales tax, simple and advanced. For transactions in the US, we recommend using the simple method. If you need to set up VAT or other types of complex taxing structures, we suggest using the advanced mode.

question Does the cart generate any reports?

Yes, the cart will generate many different reports related to sales and traffic. Additionally it seamlessly integrates with Google Analytics to provide you even greater insight into the buying habits of your customers.

Answers Regarding our Hosted eCommerce Platform
question Do you limit the number of products I can sell?

No. Depending on the package you order, there is a limit on the amount of disk space, but we never limit the number of product you sell.

question What if I exceed the limits of my hosted package?
ans We will move you to the package that is best suited for your business, free of charge.
question I use a payment processor that is not listed on your site. Will it work with your cart?

It’s likely that your payment processor will work with the cart. Some major payment providers Private Label their gateways to smaller companies. We only list the major providers on the site. Contact customer support and let us know what gateway you want to use and we will confirm comparability with the cart.

question Can you recommend a payment processor?

Chase Paymentech have to provide customers with a world-class credit card processing solution. Chase is an established industry leader in credit card processing, servicing over 1,000,000 customers in both traditional and Internet businesses. You can be approved and accepting credit cards on your site within 72 hours. Contact us for more details

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