Complete Feature List

eCommerce Shopping Cart Features, Multiple Features, Fully Customizable
Switch between Horizontal and Vertical navigation
CSS / XHTML tableless design
Bullet W3C / XHTML compliant templates
Bullet Easy to integrate with your existing design
Bullet Drag-and-drop layout design feature
Bullet “Design Mode” allows you to create a professional looking storefront without programming experience
Bullet Edit both CSS and HTML via your browser
Bullet Upload logo feature
Bullet Upload home page image
Bullet Ability to select from over 30 different button styles
Bullet Create your own buttons and headers and upload them via the control panel
Bullet Over 100 box headers available
Bullet Ability to change layout, width and much more with a click of the button
Bullet Our “Catalog View” manager allows you to select a two-column, three-column, thumbnail double, thumbnail single or text view
Bullet Adjust boxes, add boxes and create advertising areas
Bullet Ability to add your own custom header and footer to the site
Bullet Upload YouTube videos, flash presentations and other multimedia files
Bullet Ability to create an unlimited number of additional pages
Bullet Supports the ability to add items to the cart from pages outside the cart application
Image Management
Supports image magnify, zoom, lightbox and enlarge
Unlimited number of secondary images
Bullet Image tags for better Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Bullet Upload images via the bulk image loader or FTP
Bullet Generates thumbnails and catalog page images automatically
Bullet Ability to resize images on the fly
Bullet Change image style globally or at the product level
Bullet Control image placement on product and catalog pages
Search Engine Optimization
Cutting-edge search engine optimization
Flat URL generation (
Bullet Ability to create your own URL structure (
Bullet Manage all URL’s at the category, product and page level.
Bullet If you’re moving from a different application, you can change the URL’s to match the old URL’s.
Bullet Meta keyword, title and description for each product page
Bullet Meta keyword, title and description for each category page
Bullet Meta keyword and description for home page and all pages created via the control panel
Upload / create robot.txt file
Bullet Ability to generate meta tags based on product descriptions
Bullet Ability to modify HTML or CSS via browser
Bullet Automatically generated site map
Bullet Generates XML site map for Google Base
Bullet Valid WC3 template design
Bullet Image ALT tags
Bullet Design generates very lightweight, 100% HTML page without CSS or PHP coding
Bullet Creates “breadcrumb” navigation
Bullet Search-engine-friendly architecture
Bullet Ability to upload customized HTML pages to assist in search engine positioning
Product Merchandising
Sell both physical and digital products along with services
Application will create “ghost” URL which hides the actual location of the product and is emailed to the customer once the sales is complete
Bullet Control the number of times a digital product is downloaded
Bullet Sell any kind of digital products including pdf’s, videos, music files, etc.
Bullet Sell Gift Certificates
Bullet Create custom fields (allow customer to input text)
Bullet Create drop down selections, check boxes and more on product pages
Bullet Provide discounts based on number of items ordered (quantity discounts)
Bullet Product Reviews
Bullet “Call for pricing” and “catalog only” mode supported
Bullet Import products, images, attributes and more
Bullet Customers who bought “x” also bought these products in the checkout areas.
Bullet Supports discount / coupon codes globally and at product level
Bullet Price-based discounting
Bullet Supports full product descriptions with HTML and product summaries
Bullet Create attributes (size, color, etc) and manage price, weight, inventory and SKU based on attribute
Bullet Search-engine-friendly architecture
Bullet Supports UPC and SKU numbers
Bullet Create and assign manufacturers
Bullet Ability to control the product image size on both product and catalog pages
Bullet Recommended products
Bullet “Tell a Friend” feature
Bullet Create “Buy x, Get y Free” discounts
Bullet Best Sellers area
Bullet Advanced product search capabilities
Bullet Supports gift messaging
Bullet Export products to Google Base,, and more
Bullet Compatible with iDevAffiliate and other third-party affiliate programs including Linkshare, ShareASale, ClixGalore, Commission Junction and more
Bullet RSS product feeds
Wholesale / Drop Shipping
Supports up to three different levels of wholesalers (Customer Groups)
Allows you to set wholesale pricing by product or as percentage of retail price
Bullet Apply different tax rates for wholesalers and/or make their purchases tax free
Bullet Unlimited drop ship locations
Bullet Allows you to control how and when the drop shipper is notified of an order
Bullet Separates drop shipping products from other products in the order.
Bullet Edit email notifications to drop shippers
Bullet Ability to assign drop shippers at the product level
Bullet Supports case pack / inter pack pricing
Bullet Collects Tax ID, EIN or any custom information you require
Payment/Shipping Options
Ability to accept credit cards on-line
Take orders by phone, fax, mail or without credit cards (off-line payments)
Bullet Ability to make payment page secure or entire checkout process
Bullet Payment Gateways Include PayPal PayPal Pro Payflow Pro
Payflow Link NetBilling PayPal Express Checkout ProtX
Fast Transact DataCash Echo Inc Intuit
Worldpay NTPNow First Data Global Gateway Shift4
PSiGate ViaKLIX Transaction Central
Moneris WorldPay Pay Junction USAepay
Money Bookers Amazon Payments eProcessing Network
Google™ Checkout 2Checkout QuickBooks™ Merchant HSBC
Bullet Support 3-D Secure, Verified by Visa (VbV) and MasterCard SecureCode (MCSC) via CardinalCommerce
Bullet Supports eChecks (
Bullet Ability to store credit card information for off-line processing
Bullet Ability to accept payments via telephone, mail, fax
Bullet Ability to set unlimited custom payment methods
Bullet Export data to QuickBooks, Peachtree or other accounting programs
Bullet Sell in multiple currencies
Bullet Real-time shipping quotes from USPS, UPS, FED-EX and Canada Post
Bullet Mark-up or discount rates from real-time shippers
Bullet Prints USPS shipping labels
Bullet Set custom handling fees
Bullet Create custom shipping methods
Bullet Create custom shipping costs by weight, quantity, region and more
Bullet Offer free shipping
Bullet Offer product specific shipping pricing
Bullet Ability to restrict shipping based on country or state / providence
Bullet Manage shipping rates based on country and shipping method
Bullet International shipping supported
Bullet Quick “estimated shipping” calculation – Customer can quickly estimate shipping based on zip code before checking out.
Bullet Provides customer with the option of selecting from multiple methods from multiple shipping providers
Customer Management
“My Account” area allows customer to view previous orders, status and shipping tracking information
Customer address book
Bullet Allows customers to create Wish Lists
Bullet Send product newsletters to your customers
Bullet Saved Cart feature allows customers to save multiple carts allowing later purchase
Bullet Automated emails when customer creates order and order is shipped
Bullet One-Page Checkout – fastest checkout available in the industry
Bullet Ability to create custom fields during registration / checkout for collecting Tax ID numbers, referral or any other additional customer information
Bullet Guest Checkout – allows customers to checkout without creating an account
Bullet Supports backorders
Bullet Full customer reporting
Bullet Hide product pricing to all but registered customers
Bullet Ability to create Customer Groups and modify pricing by group globally and at the product level.
Bullet Assign customers to different Group levels
Bullet Search by last name, username, phone number, email or company
Invetory Tracking
Product-level inventory tracking
Attribute-level inventory tracking
Bullet Set “low stock” notifications by product
Bullet If inventory goes to zero, you have the ability to remove product from catalog or show “out of stock” message
Bullet Completely automated inventory control
Bullet Two-way sync with desktop order management products like Webgility, Store Manager and more.
Advanced or simple tax features
Configure state-based tax
Bullet Configure country-based tax
Bullet Provides you the ability to sell internationally and apply international tax rates
Bullet Supports advanced tax structures including VAT, Canada, USA, product and/or category tax and more
Bullet Ability to include tax with price (VAT)
Bullet Set-up an unlimited number of tax structures and rules
Bullet Query sales tax by date
Bullet Assign tax rates to individual products
Product & category Management
Unlimited number of products and categories
Unlimited sub-categories
Bullet Layered navigation allows customers to sort products based on price, manufacturer, category or product feature
Bullet Ability to control product and category order
Bullet Add text or images to category pages
Bullet Export products to Google Base
Bullet Ability to duplicate products
Bullet Show retail, wholesale and sale prices based on the product
Bullet Supports both detailed and summary descriptions by product
Bullet Add “On-Sale” image to the product
Bullet Ability to control products appearing on the home page
Bullet Create “New Items” page
Bullet Select from a number of different product / catalog page layouts with the ability to change layout
Bullet Supports tax exempt products
Bullet Product cost
Bullet Ability to allow only logged in customers to view pricing
Bullet Use HTML in product descriptions
Bullet Products can reside in multiple categories
Bullet Ability to change product / category order
Bullet Enable / Disable products
Bullet Supports manufacturers
Bullet Upload a manufacturer’s logo which can displayed on the product page
Bullet Manage sale pricing
Bullet Supports minimum / maximum quantity in order by product
Bullet Create multiple pricing levels
Bullet Supports downloadable (digital) products
Bullet Manage products in bulk using Microsoft Excel® / CSV
Bullet Import / export products using CSV format
Bullet Ability to control “add to cart” process
Order Management
Ability to “status” orders
Add / edit / delete orders
Bullet Displays both order and payment status to assist with order processing
Bullet Bulk edit orders
Bullet Notifies customer when order is shipped
Bullet Integrates with Stone Edge Order Manager, Atandra T-Hub and Webgility eCommerce Connector to assist with order processing
Bullet Add shipping tracking numbers to orders
Bullet View abandonded orders
Bullet Ability to add notes to an order
Bullet Print packing slips and invoices
Bullet Set starting order number
Bullet Abililty to bulk status orders
Bullet Backorder / pre-order feature
Content Management
Add additional pages directly from the control panel ( Contact Us, About Us, Return Policies, etc)
Easy to use WYSIWYG editor allows you to completely manage the appearance of your pages
Bullet All additional pages are SEO-friendly
Bullet “Closed Store” feature
Bullet Testimonials
Bullet “New Items” feature
Bullet Easily add areas for promotions, banners or even Google Ads.
Bullet Ability to edit all emails sent out by the cart
Hosted cart is PCI compliant
PA DSS certified
Bullet Allows for database and application to be separated
Bullet Allows you to designate an IP address allowing access to the admin area
Bullet Locks out administrators after too many failed attempts
Bullet Ability to unlock adminstrators accounts through the control panel
Bullet Tracks and logs all actions within the control panel area by user
Bullet Uses compliant OPEN SSL encryption to store credit cards (if activated)
Bullet Lock out visitors after too many failed transactions
Bullet Secure control panel access
Bullet Full support of SSL protocols
Select between One-Page Checkout and traditional checkout
Ability to complete orders without registering (Guest Checkout)
Bullet Allow customers to decide if they want to create an account
Bullet Set minimum number of items or amount
Bullet Set order numbers
Bullet Mandate users to agree to Terms and Conditions
Bullet Ability to enable Suggested Products feature on cart page
Bullet Create custom fields throughout the entire checkout process (ex. How did you hear about us?)
Bullet Ability to control which fields are required / optional
Reporting/Business Analytics
Seamlessly integrates with Google Analytics and Google Adwords tracking tools
Chart visitors / hosts / revenue by month
Bullet Creates the following reports based on date
Bullet Top viewed products
Bullet Top viewed categories
Bullet Top orders by product
Bullet Top referring sites
Bullet Top sales by customer
Bullet Consolidated orders by date
Bullet Individual orders by date
Bullet Promo codes
Bullet Payment types
Bullet Taxes collected
Bullet Site profit
Create unlimited administrator accounts
Restrict access to particular features by administrator
Bullet Control which e-mails are received by administrators
Bullet Locks out administrators on too many failed attempts
Bullet Change password reminder
Bullet File Manager allows you to edit templates from the control panel
Complete multi-currency support
Control currency symbol, decimal placement and presentation
Bullet Control weight (American or metric)
Bullet Control measurements (inches, feet, centimeters)
Bullet Set-up custom exchange rates
Bullet Allows customers to view in their currency, but transact in yours.
Bullet Ability to add / edit / delete language templates
Bullet Ability to add / edit / delete countries, states, providences or regions
Marketing and Promotions
Sell your products on Facebook for FREE using eCommerce Plus
Drift Marketing
Bullet Integration with MailChimp
Bullet “Products you may like” tool
Bullet Ability to create date-driven promotional (discount) codes
Bullet Global or product level promotional codes
Bullet Recommended Products
Bullet create Product Families
Bullet Bulk discounts by product
Bullet Free shipping based on amount purchased
Bullet Customers who bought “x” also bought “y”
Bullet Buy x, get y free
Bullet newsletter tool
Bullet Product Updates email
Bullet Manages bounced emails
Bullet RSS product feeds
Bullet Export products to .csv file for exporting to other sites
Bullet API
Bullet Gift certificates
Bullet New Items page
Bullet Hot Deal feature
Bullet Brand (manufacturer) landing pages
Bullet Top selling products
Bullet Seamless integration with iDevAffiliate or any other affiliate software
Bullet Create discounts based on amount purchased
Bullet Product Reviews
Bullet export email list to other programs
Bullet Global sale prices (example – 10% off entire store)
Import / Export
Export products to eBay, Amazon, Yahoo, Google Product Search, PriceGrabber, Shopzilla, NextTag, Goshopping and others
Import both products and categories using our flexible bulk product loader
Bullet Manage import rules
Bullet Overwrite existing data
Bullet Add new / keep existing data
Bullet Clear existing / add new
Bullet Update existing products only
Bullet Bulk load images through the control panel or via FTP
Bullet Export orders / products / users
Bullet Select the fields you want to export
Bullet Back-up / restore cart from the control panel (hosted carts only)
Bullet Database management tool allows you to clear log files and more
Bullet Exported data is “normalized” for importing into other applications including QuickBooks, Peachtree, MYOB, etc
Bullet Seamless integration with Store Manager, Stone Edge Order Manager and Webgility eCommerce Connector
Bullet Base API allows you to export orders / customers / products in XML format
Product Attributes
Gives you the ability to sell items like computers, shirts or other items that contain options
Create unlimited product attributes (options)
Bullet Add or subtract pricing based on attribute selection
Bullet Add or subtract pricing weight based on attribute selection
Bullet Instantly adjusts price based on selection
Bullet Control inventory by attributes
Bullet Track administrator-defined combinations
Bullet Sell only administrator-defined combinations
Bullet Ability to disable specific product attribute combinations
Bullet Create a unique SKU based on attribute combination
Bullet Create global attributes that can be assigned to products or categories
Bullet Display attributes on cart page, invoice and on order
Bullet Receive “low stock” warnings based on attribute combinations
Bullet Ability to remove attributes instantly
Bullet Create drop-down, radio buttons, text or text fields for attributes
Bullet assign priority to attributes
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